Monday, July 25, 2011

The Closer We Humans Live by Mother Nature’s Design, The Healthier We Are

My small family here in Buffalo began a Mother’s day tradition a few years ago of planting trees in our yard. My wife and I thought it was a good message for our two boys that we all should show respect for all of our Mothers. So we now have apple, peach, cherry, dog wood, red bud, and different maple trees in our little yard. We also have a lot of animals in our neighborhood such as rabbits, deer, and turkey. Each spring we like to watch the process of Mother Nature coming to life. 

I especially like to see the apple tress bloom their white flowers. We also seem to have an annual, underground, large bee’s nest which looks like a bee volcano at times.  Our boys understand the pollination process and the importance of all of these living-beings working together. So no bee killing. If a bee finds its way into our home, it is important to help her find her way back out as she has become lost on her way to work.

I like to regularly walk around the yard witnessing and monitoring our Mother’s work. Seeing those bright, white apple blooms, for some reason, makes me happy. I am proud to see those bees buzzing around and cross pollinating. I eagerly wait to see the first baby apples appear on those skinny little apple tree limbs. As things begin to happen I worry that as these apples grow, the seemingly small twigs that are supposed to hold them will not be able to support the apple’s weight. My 48 year old mind begins to wonder and worry about weather my billions year old Mother will successfully cycle and give birth again. I’m not sure how these trees have survived millions of years without my recent help?!

The other day, during my regular rounds, I noticed that every baby apple bud had been eaten by our local deer population. As you might guess, I was upset. How dare these rouge deer come onto my small lot of land and deface my beautiful garden. Once all the apple buds were eaten, these terrorist deer targeted other plants, eating many of them to the nub. Also, a notorious gang of outlaw rabbits de-flowered most of our remaining blooming babies.

My evenings of walking around and witnessing Mother Nature’s beautiful works went from the feelings of joy and excitement to thoughts of an appropriate revenge method. A vision of me hiding behind our fence and attacking the first deer setting his little hoof on my lawn with a tomahawk, was very satisfying. I experienced a very human reaction to what was happening in Mother Nature’s world – I will fix this to my own desires. I have the misguided belief that I am capable of altering my Mother’s billions year old plan!

Luckily, I came back to my good senses. These thoughts are no way to respect my Mothers. It occurred to me that our Mothers do not take something without giving something back. It is only us humans that are designed this way. We take many things from our Mother without ever returning anything. These deer and rabbits are living by our/their Mother’s design.  

For instance, if you have ever seen geese flying in formation, then you are witnessing Mother Nature’s intended design. This flying formation is what we human call aerodynamic. The goose in the front position has the most wind drag.

Those geese flying just behind and slightly above have the least wind resistance. So, the geese in the very back positions have an easier time flying. Because the front position is the hardest spot to fly, when the leader gets tired, s/he will drop back to the end, where it is the easiest. The geese will continue rotating positions which allows for longer, coordinated flight times and this flying position also allows for better team monitoring and communications.

We humans learned about aerodynamics from watching geese. But who taught the geese? They travel thousands of miles each year together and do so without AAA, maps, or GPS. Probably, if you have ever seen a flock of geese flying overhead, you heard them talking before actually seeing them. Maybe if we understood the geese’s language we would hear them arguing about which route is best, but I doubt it. It seems my wife and I can have good driving directions somewhere, along with the help from GPS, and still have disagreements about best directions. But, we are human!

Our Mothers have developed a billions years old proven design for living. Our animal relatives seem to follow this familiar plan -- at least those animals unaffected by human interaction. Of course we humans believe we know better.

Please allow me to suggest that the closer we humans live by our Mothers design, the healthier we are. Our Mothers did not design a life with obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. These conditions do not exist in any other living animals, only humans. A life guided by our Mothers’ design is a healthy one. A life led by extreme self-will is evident by its outcomes.

As I have heard many times, we are pitiful human beings. We all need help and each other in order to live a life of health. I wish for all to find and walk a healthy path that was originated by our Mothers.

Peace, DAP

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