Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson cop benefited from state help

Let us be clear about the benefits of being a cop when it comes to killing a citizen.

I am certain the state employee was informed about all of the state’s evidence. When the grand jury decision was discussed on TV, the prosecutor indicated that eye witnesses where “confronted” with physical evidence during their testimony. This resulted in some witnesses changing their story. If an eye witness story changes, credibility is called into question.

The cop benefited from knowing and being coached on how to respond to the grand jury. The child killer knew all of the evidence and had a team of helpers.

No other witness that testified before the grand jury was as educated and prepared as was the state sanctioned killer.

Cops benefit from being a state employee and getting help from other state workers. These helpers include prosecutors, detectives, lawyers, and media coaching.

No other witness before the grand jury benefited as much as the cop benefited.

Cop in Ferguson -- The "demon" needed to be killed

Viewing minorities as something other than human allows the state and its employees to rid our communities of these Satan beasts.

Recall, our employee, the cop, indicated that Michael Brown looked like "...a demon."

Missouri's employee said he was justified to kill Michael Brown "the demon" because the demon "punched" our employee "two times."

When the "demon" was fleeing away, the state's employee decided the evil spirit must be destroyed.

As the "demon" stood 150 feet away -- half a football field away -- Missouri's employee acting on behalf of the People, fired his godly weapon 10 times insuring the destruction of Satan's spawn.

The People of Missouri have now sanctioned our employees to gun down the appearance of "demons."

Our President said last night that america has made great progress.

Yes...we do not allow communities to place demons in bags and throw them in the river or burn them at the stake.

We have progressed to allowing our state employees to see a demon -- kill a demon.

Monday, November 24, 2014

The outcome

Shot 12 times total, 10 were while Michael Brown was 150 feet away.

At 150 feet away, what exactly was the main threat on the cop's life?

A 50 yard threat!

Is there a law that a cop could break in the act of shooting an unarmed human?

The next time you are approached by a cop, please know that the second s/he believes her/his life is in any danger, regardless of all else, s/he can kill you -- by law.

There are no measures to that feeling, like, "on a scale from zero to ten with zero being no danger and ten being the most in danger." If a cop felt in danger at a "one" on that scale, it seems s/he has a right and sometimes the duty to kill.

If the person is minority, that feeling of threat could be less than 1 -- like 3/5.

Waiting on the Ferguson outcome

If the police officer (a state sponsored employee) is not indicted for his action it would be an indication of how rotten the system is.

If this action is legal – what might be illegal by a state sanctioned employee?

We will find out tonight whether Michael Brown is viewed as a human or something less-to-human.

A 12-year old boy – boy! – child – kid was gunned down by the state in Cleveland earlier today.

Terms: The state sanctioned employees are “law enforcement” – the community victims are “protesters.”
If I plea for you to be peaceful – what is my belief toward you? 

We will have some answers in about an hour. We will see if our system is rotten or not.