Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ferguson cop benefited from state help

Let us be clear about the benefits of being a cop when it comes to killing a citizen.

I am certain the state employee was informed about all of the state’s evidence. When the grand jury decision was discussed on TV, the prosecutor indicated that eye witnesses where “confronted” with physical evidence during their testimony. This resulted in some witnesses changing their story. If an eye witness story changes, credibility is called into question.

The cop benefited from knowing and being coached on how to respond to the grand jury. The child killer knew all of the evidence and had a team of helpers.

No other witness that testified before the grand jury was as educated and prepared as was the state sanctioned killer.

Cops benefit from being a state employee and getting help from other state workers. These helpers include prosecutors, detectives, lawyers, and media coaching.

No other witness before the grand jury benefited as much as the cop benefited.

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