Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cop in Ferguson -- The "demon" needed to be killed

Viewing minorities as something other than human allows the state and its employees to rid our communities of these Satan beasts.

Recall, our employee, the cop, indicated that Michael Brown looked like "...a demon."

Missouri's employee said he was justified to kill Michael Brown "the demon" because the demon "punched" our employee "two times."

When the "demon" was fleeing away, the state's employee decided the evil spirit must be destroyed.

As the "demon" stood 150 feet away -- half a football field away -- Missouri's employee acting on behalf of the People, fired his godly weapon 10 times insuring the destruction of Satan's spawn.

The People of Missouri have now sanctioned our employees to gun down the appearance of "demons."

Our President said last night that america has made great progress.

Yes...we do not allow communities to place demons in bags and throw them in the river or burn them at the stake.

We have progressed to allowing our state employees to see a demon -- kill a demon.

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