Friday, April 8, 2011

Top 5 Viewed NACWR Posts and Updates

The NACWR Blog began 11/11/10. There are some simple stats showing how many folks view the blog, which country they originate, and which posts they view. As of today there are 32 posts, 33 now, submitted to the NACWR blog. There have been a total of 2,844 views, with an average of about 500 views per month.  The majority of views come from the U.S., followed by Canada, Russia, United Kingdom, and Germany. Posts can be viewed without clicking on a specific post, for example you can read this post just by entering this blog. Below are the posts that folks specifically clicked on to read. The top five viewed (clicked) posts are:

#1  The INDAN is DEAD in You  175 Views

This post resulted from reading materials on Indian boarding schools and the news of a congress person being shot in the head – strange mix of events! It seems that the congress person who was shot survived and that tragic trauma has not killed who she already was. Although the congress person will, I assume, be traumatized for the rest of her life, she (e.g., who she was prior) was not killed. She will, I assume, need much help to recover and will always be impacted by this event. The trauma that was tragically inflicted on Native Americans who were forced to attend boarding schools has carried on to present day. UPDATE: This post was picked up by other blogs and on-line news outlets. The congress person is still recovering from her tragedy and so to are Native Americans!

This post resulted from reading several news articles about the problems of bullying and noticing the uneven standards applied to bullying. I tried to make the case that American school systems and its teaching methods are designed for the majority and that Native American students who attend these systems are being bullied. UPDATE: This post was picked up by other blogs and on-line news outlets. This post had the most comments and seemed to get some folks a bit angered. Also, as the result of writing this post, the U.S. school system has not changed one bit! 

This post was a simple story about how porcupines huddled together to saved themselves, although by joining together their quills poked each other. It is a sweet story and I believe why it is in the top five was mainly due to the photo of the cute baby porcupine!

This post resulted from working and hearing about folks who mentor newly graduated PhDs who end up doing things that are less than honest followed by slandering the university and others in order to distract from their own lack of integrity. Some of the comments seem to indicate that the story is about me. I can neither confirm of deny these comments! UPDATE: Truth will find its way.

This post is about NACWR starting a study abroad program to Ireland. The overall goal of the program is to address Native American college retention. Native Americans have the highest dropout rates both nationally and within the SUNY system. It turns out that studying abroad improves overall retention rates as well as creates personal & professional improvements. UPDATE: I am leaving for Ireland today in order to begin setting up the program. I will travel to Cork and Galway in order to find the best accommodations, learning opportunities, adventures, etc. I will be sure to report my findings when I return.

Peace DAP

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