Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hungry by Choice – Fasting for Our People

For a person with an unhealthy diet, medicine is not helpful. For a person with a healthy diet, medicine is not needed!

Reading my Kentucky hometown news paper this morning there was an article about people who live in wealthier counties being healthier than those living in poor counties. Is this data really that surprising?

As I have reported in an earlier post, 7 of the top 10 poorest counties in the US are located on Native American reservations. Out of the top 100 in the US 16 are in my home state of Kentucky. My family is no stranger to being poor, hungry and in bad health. The strange thing is that many who experiences these things, like Native Americans are some of the most giving and charitable people I know. For instance, when we first moved to Buffalo NY in 2006, we were hit with the great “October Storm.” When my ma back in KY heard we were without electric, she turned her electric off as well. This is her nature and the way she lives here life. We were raised in a home where suffering was understood from experience, and we hurt and made sacrifices for others who also suffered.

There are a lot of folks suffering around the US and have been for a long time. There are about 50 million Americans; including 17 million children who are "food insecure." This number has grown and it seems that there will be lots more as the result of our current budget issues. Our elected leaders are working to cut specific funds that have helped many of these poor folks. It seems most of our leaders have never experienced watching their own children suffer from the lack of food. I bet if they had, their attitudes about what programs to cut would be much different.

So, after reading this article in the NY Times I have a thought for us all, before any final decisions are made I challenge our leaders to fast (e.g., only drink water) for 24 hours. I will be fasting until Sunday, April 3rd at sundown. Contact you leaders and request that they fast and pray/meditate/focus on guidance for the next 24 hours. Maybe, during their fast, our leader’s minds will be joined with those who do not have this choice.

Peace, DAP

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