Friday, March 25, 2011

The Principle of Health and Healing

Is it human nature for sick people, who really believe they are sick, to want to get better?

Let’s work from the idea that there are two options to answering that question, yes or no. So, yes, sick people who believe they are sick will naturally want to become well again. Or, no, it is not a natural response for sick people to want to get well.

Let’s ask the question another way. If you have an illness, say the flu, would anyone have to encourage you to get well soon? It would seem a natural, human response to get back to health as quick as possible, if you had the flu. Let’s take another example. If a doctor told you that you have sugar diabetes, would you naturally move towards becoming healthy again? And finally, if it was discovered you have brain cancer, would nature kick in with a health seeking response?

What is it that makes us motivated to actively seek a cure for our sicknesses? It might be a number of things like how fatal our illness is. A temporary, fixable illness may have a different motivating factor than an illness that will quickly end our lives.

I’m not sure what the answers are to these questions. Maybe it is unknown what motivates sick people to seek healing. However, I want to introduce an idea that will directly address the principle of healing.

Divine Principles

What if you had an illness that not only wounded you, but harmed the people closest to you?  Would that type of illness naturally motivate you to seek a cure? If your own sickness caused your children and your community to become ill, would you quickly do all that was necessary to become well again?

Let’s agree that a Divine Principle is a principle that we humans can not alter. For instance, the principle of water freezing at 32 degrees can not be changes by any human effort(s). Water will freeze at 32 degrees regardless of human will. Gravity is another principle that can not be modified by human conditions – what goes up, must come down. And finally, my wife is the boss in our home. No human power will ever change that principle!

Divine Principle of Health

Here is what I would like to seek our common agreement on – our own health and wellness directly impacts everyone around us. Let’s agree on that Devine Principle of Health, just like we agree on water freezing at 32 degrees.

Here’s another example. Cyanide is an extremely deadly poison. If you ingest enough Cyanide it will kill you. That is a Divine Principle. It does not matter if you ingest it on purpose or accidently. The effects of Cyanide does not concern itself with why someone ingested it, once it is ingested, not human power can alter the outcome of that principle.

If you are full of resentment, anger, hate, contempt, etc that is an illness that also sickens your family and larger community. If you are full of sorrow, regret, guilt, shame, etc you sicken your own family and your community with the same. If you are a racist, bigot, hypocrite, prejudice, etc, you are a very sick person passing that sickness on to your family and community members.

Remember, this Devine Principle of Health does not concern itself with all of the reasons and causes why you might be these things, the outcome cannot be altered. Although you might have a very good reason and justification to hate someone, the result of this Health Principle is that it sickens you and everyone around you.

If you think you can hate someone or be hypocritical without any negative results on you or your relation’s health, then you would have to believe that you could ingest Cyanide without any negative results. Hatred toward anyone is like drinking a large dose of Cyanide and then giving an equal does to your child. There are many principles that we accept without question. Let’s begin to accept the reality of this health principle.

Healing Yourself Will Heal Your Community

If the health principle indicates that a sick person sickens the community, then it would seem a fact that a healthy person heals communities. A person who is happy, forgiving, and generous passes those qualities on to their communities. Won’t it be nice if everyone believed this principle and acted on it! Imagine a community where each individual worked hard to remove their own hatreds, resentments, prejudices, shame, etc. Can you envision a child being born and raised in this type community? There is an old, wise saying …it is best to nurture a child than to repair the adult.

There is good and bad news regarding this Devine Principle of Health. If you are a sick person you sicken your community. If, however, you work toward health, your community will be healed. You are kidding yourself if you think you can somehow out maneuver this principle. Please don’t take my word for it. You can quickly test your own powers to alter a Devine rule. Put some water in your deep freezer and pray, chant, speak in tongues, etc. If your freezer is 32 degrees or colder, that water will turn to ice, regardless of your best wishes. While I won’t encourage you to ingest Cyanide, you can evaluate your supremacy by taking a triple dose of ex-lax. Try all the self-talk and finger crossing you like, just stay close to the restroom!

The sooner we accept the fact that our own health and wellness negatively or positively impacts our communities, the sooner we and our communities will be healed. We do have an astonishing amount of power when we live within the framework of Devine Principles. Unfortunately, this power is often vanquished by the pursuit of trying to live outside of this rule. It’s hard to believe any sane adult would purposely pass a physical illness on to their loved ones. We have trained our children to regularly wash their hands in order to protect against sickness. Transferring emotional illnesses is just as lethal. The best way to ensure that our children and communities get and remain healthy is to first -- work to heal ourselves.

Peace, DAP

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