Monday, November 24, 2014

The outcome

Shot 12 times total, 10 were while Michael Brown was 150 feet away.

At 150 feet away, what exactly was the main threat on the cop's life?

A 50 yard threat!

Is there a law that a cop could break in the act of shooting an unarmed human?

The next time you are approached by a cop, please know that the second s/he believes her/his life is in any danger, regardless of all else, s/he can kill you -- by law.

There are no measures to that feeling, like, "on a scale from zero to ten with zero being no danger and ten being the most in danger." If a cop felt in danger at a "one" on that scale, it seems s/he has a right and sometimes the duty to kill.

If the person is minority, that feeling of threat could be less than 1 -- like 3/5.

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