Sunday, November 14, 2010

Tree of Peace Fund Raiser

                               Wolf-Fire Scholarship

Tree of Peace Fund Raiser

The Wolf-Fire Scholarship ( was started in August 2010 and has been raising funds to provide financial help to several UB students who are conducting scholarly activities in Native American communities. For numerous reasons, it is very important to support the works of students who are interested in working with Native American communities.  

This special Tree of Peace Fund Raiser will support one UB student whose work is specifically focused on peace, social justice or health & wellness issues in Native American Communities. It is our hope to award many students with a special Tree of Peace award going to one student.

The Tree of Peace is a symbol of the Great Law of Peace created by our local, New York State and Canadian Native American friends –The Six Nations. The tree is a great white pine whose branches spread out to shelter all nations who commit themselves to Peace. Beneath the tree the Five Nations buried their weapons of war; atop the tree is the Eagle-that sees far; and four long roots stretch out in the four sacred directions -- the "white roots of peace."

Your donation is fully tax deductable!

There is a very simple way to donate. You can log into the secure, UB sponsored Wolf-Fire Scholarship page and donate online.  In the “Please specify any additional instructions” space, please put Tree of Peace and the name you wish to be listed on the Tree.

If you wish to donate by check there is a printable form on the on-line donation page, link above.

We are hoping to raise $500 in order to support the work of one UB student who plans to specifically work toward peace, social justice or health & wellness issues in Native American communities. The Tree of Peace student will be honored along with other Wolf-Fire Scholarship awardees at the annual dinner January 25, 2011.

I greatly appreciate your consideration. You can learn more about the Wolf-Fire Scholarship here:

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you very much, DAP

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