Friday, February 4, 2011

Christopher Columbus Fellowships to study Homeland Security

I was preparing a much different post than this one. I thought my last few posts were not focused on health and wellness issues, as I prefer, and that a more meaningful one was in order. Unfortunately, my plans were altered. Have you ever heard of the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation? No!? I didn’t either until I received an email this morning encouraging me to apply for one of the fellowships. Now…stay with me here – one of the fellowships focuses on – get this – Homeland Security! I kid you Not! You can win a $25,000 Christopher Columbus award to study Homeland Security issues. Don’t believe it, click right here.


The foundation’s purpose:

The Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation is an independent Federal government agency established to "encourage and support research, study and labor designed to produce new discoveries in all fields of endeavor for the benefit of mankind." Governed by a Presidential appointed Board of Trustees, the Foundation seeks to nurture and recognize pioneering individuals and programs which reflect the visionary spirit and pioneering heritage of Christopher Columbus.  

And the history of the foundation is:

In 1992 Americans celebrated the 500th anniversary of the discovery of the Americas, and the United States Congress joined in the commemoration by passing Public Law 102-281, the Christopher Columbus Quincentenary Coins and Fellowship Foundation. The initial funding for the Christopher Columbus Foundation was derived from the sale of three denominations of specially minted coins sold by the United States Mint from August 1992-June 1993. The coin sales surcharges constituted the Foundation's endowment thus establishing a living legacy of explorer Christopher Columbus.

So, I’ll reframe from ranting on about all the issues related to a foundation such as this. However, I do have a couple recommendations I would like to offer up. Why stop at celebrating ole Chris. I have three new foundations I would like to propose:

Adolf Hitler Waste Management Fellowship Foundation. The purpose of this fellowship is to study the best strategies for disposing of unwanted waste materials.

Joseph Stalin Ukraine Food Destruction Fellowship.  The purpose of this fellowship is to study why food was over-produced in Europe.

The Klu Klux Klan Botanical & Hemp Fellowship. The purpose of this fellowship is to study trees with strong branches and the uses for hemp ropes.

All we need are some coins, a presidential appointed Board of Trustees, and an Executive Director to oversee these foundations and we could be all set. Would anyone who has studied world history and in their right mind, support any of my three foundations? I would hope not. The people connected with the Christopher Columbus Foundation must not have studied world history, be in their right minds, or both. 

The Executive Director of the Christopher Columbus’s foundation is Judith Shellenberger. If you have any questions or concerns she can be reached at or call (315) 258-0090.

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