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There’s No Need for Sex Education in the After-Life. However, It’s a Must While on Earth

Now that Osama Bin Laden has been killed and buried at sea, I wonder if 72 virgins await him? I’m sure you have heard he and his followers believe that being a martyr will result in spending eternity with 72 virgins. Although I am not sure, I can only assume that once they reach the after-life, where ever that is for these folks, it is not to ensure these 72 remain virgins.

On a side note: Now that we know more about Osama Bin Laden, like, he enjoys watching porn, he is fascinated with watching himself on TV, he seldom leaves his home, drinks lots of soda, eats too much sugar, disrespects women and works hard to look younger, it seems he was an average American! Because the American Government and its military are founded on Christian Principles they had no choice and were morally obligated to shoot this evil man in the head. I think it was Jesus who said, "This is my rifle this is my gun..."
Anyway…the folks in the after-life are always portrayed as pure – with no mention of intercourse. However, our current life situation is mostly about sex with multiple partners who also have multiple sex partners. Regardless of what we express to the rest of the world about our sexual issues, lets face it – we all have sexual secrets and fantasies. Do I need to list all of the names of people who represented themselves as being morally virtuous, but turned out to be less than what they portrayed?  The latest drama indicates that folks were shocked about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver separating after 25 years of marriage. Did you hear the latest news on what might have caused that split?  Among other things I’m sure, but mainly – Arnold had Unprotected Sex!

Sex Education

There is nothing wrong, bad, or evil with folks having unprotected sex. Remember, you are the result of unprotected sex. Anyone who has had children is faced with the moment of explaining the reproduction cycle. It is important that children are provided appropriate information and tools based on facts. It is the job of parents and adult family members to provide children with sex education and role models for safe sexual encounters.

I obtained a lot of my sex education from my dad. I recall him stating many times he should have “relieved” himself while on the toilet rather than with my ma. He stated I would have ended up in the Ohio River, down on “ole slippery rock.”  In situations when he wanted to boost my esteem and reminded me of that sex educational story he would insert a strong message into our conversation. For instance he would say, “Hey slippery rock, you want to get out of the way of the f*#king TV?”

The education I received from my family (Dad) was very poor. The message I took from his educational presentation was that women were basically sperm banks. Not only was this very disrespectful toward my own ma, but to all women. There was also no cautionary note about unprotected sexual acts. But, why would there be with his sort of attitude about sex?

Some Stats

HIV/AIDS continues to be a mounting problem for Native Americans and Alaska Natives. Although we are a small group, when looking at population size, Native Americans and Alaska Natives rank 3rd in rates of HIV/AIDS diagnosis (CDC 2008).

In New York State (Without New York City data) Native Americans had a 4.5 rate of HIV Diagnosis per 100,000 population. Again, we ranked 3rd with African Americans at 39.2; Hispanic at 21.1 and Whites at a 4.1 rate (Cite).
Number of HIV Diagnosis
% of Total HIV Diagnosis
Rate per 100,000 Population
Native Am

Native Americans are few in number, but have a higher rate per 100,000 than Whites and Asians in New York State.

It’s not all just about HIV/AIDS. There are just over 100 communicable diseases listed in the U.S. A communicable disease is a disease that can be transmitted from one sufferer to another. In New York State in 2007 these are the reported diseases:

Some Sexually Transmitted Diseases Reported:
HIV/AIDS =    10,112
Chlamydia =     80,730
Gonorrhea =     17,699
Syphilis =         4,900

Total sexually transmitted diseases = 103,419

Total of all other communicable diseases = 27,815

Sexually transmitted diseases make up a very small number of communicable diseases. Yet, these few diseases out number all others put together!

A Safer Sex Message for Native Americans

If you do not talk with your family about safe sex practices, then what is the message you are sending them? No message is a very strong message! The best way to protect the ones we love is to provide them with an educated conversation. Please ask every family member and friend to get tested for HIV. Treat this as any other health screening message. Knowledge is power. When you are sure about your own health, you are less likely to jeopardize it and more likely to respect it.

We teach our youth about avoiding all kinds of viruses. HIV should be added to this list. There are many, good professionals who can help. Most of these services are free and all are confidential (if not find another).  It seems we are losing our youth to many things, drugs, alcohol, suicide, diabetes, gangs, and on and on! Safe sex is one issue we can alter with a simple, consistent message.  Be the one who will determine this message. Your people are waiting and will listen for your message. Silence is a very strong and wrong message to send.

Peace, DAP

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