Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Educated Native American is the Ideal Sovereign Human Being

It seems, and I’m no lawyer, that Native American sovereignty rights have been decreasing for a while.  Individual rights, land rights, business rights and any other rights once granted by treaties/laws have been legally attacked and weakened.

The original ideal of Native American’s sovereignty has changed greatly over time. Our rights now appear to be the same as what is granted to animals and their rights to occupy their lands. If an American wants to build a home or business on undeveloped land, animals that are living on that land will not stand in the way of American progress. While possibly being sympathetic toward those animals, the American human has an attitude that s/he dominates over all creators. When a mother bear, fox, etc.  finds their way into a newly developed American neighborhood, quick extermination of the animal seems to be the best plan for all concerned.
Nothing has and will stand in the way of America’s self-interests. There is no American law that can’t be altered to better serve its interests. While I could list several examples here to prove this point – is that really necessary?!
Some Good News about Gaining Sovereignty
The one area of a sovereign Native American life that might not be alterable by American law, is obtaining a higher level education. Knowledge can’t be returned to the state or federal government. The mind is totally sovereign.  If you want to obtain something that no one can take from you, get an education.  
Having reached the highest level of educational obtainment, please know that I have many more freedoms, choices and sovereignty issues compared to when I was a high school dropout.
If you are interested in experiencing true sovereignty, start working toward a college degree. If you’re not sure where or how to begin, please contact me, I will help as much as I can. If you’re already working on a degree and gaining your sovereignty, please consider joining with others and work together.  We need to become a growing, strong, and healthy community of educated, sovereign Natives. Together, nothing can stop us!

Peace DAP

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