Sunday, April 29, 2012

Moving On and Not Looking Back

I have always benefited from having very wise and honorable people in my life.  One piece of advice that has come from many folks is, when you have an opportunity to start fresh, don’t look back. This is the advice we give everyone who exists our sweat lodge. While I won’t go into all the aspects of participating in an Inipi (e.g., sweat lodge), when the ceremony is over and you crawl out, you are not supposed to look back into the lodge. Once it is over, you are reborn and become a brand new person. You can move forward without worrying about the old you. The Inipi, in part, is about cleansing off and removing the “old” person, allowing you now to work on the “new you.” So, focusing on what is in front of you is always best.

My family and I have the opportunity to start something new. I have accepted a faculty position with another University.  Within the next few weeks we will be moving. We will be moving on and not looking back – metaphorically. We have many friends in Buffalo and we plan to remain close to them. Again, not looking back represents our new beginning in our new home. Anything in Buffalo that does not represent moving forward, will remain in Buffalo. Just like when we left Kentucky, although we still have connections there, we started fresh in Buffalo. Buffalo deserved our new selves without any Kentucky baggage. My new university now deserves the same. We will go there fresh, brand spankin new!

I am very proud of everything that has been accomplished during my time in Buffalo. There is a strong group of folks in Buffalo who are working to improve the lives of Native Americans and their communities. I am grateful we were able to join forces. Anyone who has ever tried to change the status quo surely knows that the status quo does not like anything but the status quo!  I hope the work in Buffalo continues.

This blog will also start new. While it will remain focused on Native American issues, I will continue to use this site in a good way. It will remain committed to respectful viewpoints, along with challenging the status quo.

New adventures await. There are great opportunities and people there and I plan to bring my best. My eyes are straight forward, focused and wide open. All is well!

Peace, DAP

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