Monday, October 8, 2012

Indigenous People's Day

Today, Monday, October 8, 2012 is Indigenous People's Day. It is celebrated as columbus day, by many, but to us, we celebrate differently. Unfortunately it remains a federal holiday under the wrong title. This should be a day to recognize Indigenous Peoples. There are many folks who would celebrate it as a day for the discovery of a "new world" by a lost and confused traveler. For Indigenous folks, it is a day to celebrate our survival and all of our own discoveries.

I can understand the urge by Indigenous People to use this day to hate its original intent. However, hate only hurts the hater. So by hating someone who hurt us many years ago, the hurt is re-experienced and the consequences are just as relevant today.

It is time to celebrate this day only in the form of Love. Just as hate has its own outcomes on the hater, Love has its outcomes as well. Love only rewards, never punishes. Expressing Love on this day is the best and most beneficial for our People. Living a long, healthy, happy, and loving life is the best way to celebrate. It will ensure that there will be many more years of celebration and many more healthy Indigenous folks to be around to celebrate.

Enjoy this day and spread Love. There have been too many years of hate and the negative effects it produces.

Peace, DAP

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