Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Native American Beliefs or Coincidence

Coincidence: A sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged

What many people think might be a simple coincidence, Native Americans would believe as being a message. As I discussed in my past post (http://nacwr.blogspot.com/2012/10/mitakuye-oyasin-all-my-relations-we-are_31.html) , I am a potential bone marrow match for a two-year old boy with bone cancer. Further testing was set for me Monday, November 5th, 2012. It was set many days ago and I have been willing, ready and able. I have tried to patiently wait for that day to arrive. When it did finally arrive I got to the hospital early and signed in.

All I could think about was that little boy and his family. They have probably spent many hours in a medical setting, similar to a place where I sat to give my blood. My appointment was at 8am and I was called back about 8:10am. I was asked for my ID and insurance card. I explained that I was there as the result of the bone marrow agency’s request and they had made the appointment and instructed me not to give my insurance card. The worker asked how the appointment had been made – fax, email, phone call? I was not sure and said that.

She looked through a file of papers, and then left the room. I tried to remain calm hoping that all would be well and she would find what was needed. After several minutes, she returned stating that she had “found it.” She was smiling now and less cold toward me as she had been when I first sat down. I wanted to make sure that all things were in order and my blood made it to its destination in a timely manner and safe. As she began to complete some forms, I explained that a two-year old boy needed a transplant and I was a potential match. I said this not to direct any attention toward me, but to signal to her that this situation is serious and the blood sample must get to the boy’s doctor safely.

I was happy to feel the mood turn from just collecting blood for general medical tests to an act of helping a boy and his family. After she collected all of the blood needed and was done with me, she let me know I was all done and that she would make sure the paper work was correctly completed and that she would pray that this was a match.

These past days have been emotional for me. If I think too much about this situation I become overwhelmed and have to hold back tears. I can’t speak about it without crying. I left that hospital praying and thinking about this family. Good thoughts have been part of my daily routine.

As I traveled to work, running late for a meeting, I approached the bridge crossing the Missouri River. The water has been down in the River and every time I cross I always try to look over the River and monitor what is happening. I cross the Missouri almost every day, so it is familiar to me. While I have a purpose to look closely at the River, sometimes I get distracted and miss my chance to look at the water moving along, the changing river bank, the tree leaves transforming their colors, and boats moving along the water.

While my mind was still on this boy, his family and the safe travels of my blood, I looked out to my right and spotted a Bald Eagle flying along parallel to me and traveling at the same speed. He was crossing the Missouri at the same height, speed, and time as me. As we both reach the River’s bank, I continued on my route and He, his.    

For readers who do not know the significance of seeing a Bald Eagle, especially in St Charles Missouri, I will not go into it. For those who know, there is no need to go into it. Returning back to the idea of the title of something being a coincidence or not, some folks would label this event as being a coincidence, happenstance, or some kind of a fluke. On the other hand, my People’s beliefs would label this as a message, a signal, a sign. They would say I should pay close attention to this message. They might say it is a Spirit Guide. Coincidence is a word used when someone is unsure about an event.

This event indicates, at least to me, that I am on a good path. How could I not be…my Spirit Guide is on the same path! Also on this path are the sick boy and his family. We have joined together. Although we have never met and I do not know their names or where they live, our paths have crossed. It is not a coincidence that I live in Missouri. It is not a coincidence I got my cheek swab in 1994 for the bone marrow registry. It is not a coincidence that I received a message as a potential match. And it is not a coincidence that a Bald Eagle crossed the Missouri River on the same time and important date as me.

This is a message…a strong one. We are all on a path, a good one. How do I know this for sure? Just stay tuned!   
Peace, DAP

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