Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top ten things Native Americans can do to improve their health in 2014

1.       Stop smoking - please!
2.       Please stop drinking alcohol

3.       Stop eating fried bread, chicken, or for that matter fried everything

4.       Stop making excuses why you can't do something

5.       Attend a traditional ceremony (and take a child with you)

6.       Accept everyone for who they are (enrolled, not enrolled, non-language speaker, not in your tribe, etc. – especially if they are children)

7.       Start walking – everyday

8.       Enroll in an educational program

9.       Volunteer in your community

10.   Finally…If you are in a gang – get out; if you are in an unhealthy/violent relationship – get out and get help; if you live with people who are bad for your health – get out or kick them out; if you blame others for all of your poor decisions – stop it; if you are over thirty-years old and still blame your parent(s) for all of your problems – stop it; if you are over fifty and you have no close friends – maybe it is you!; and if you are the type of person who can find many reasons to disagree with these – hopefully you will discover you are most in need of them.

Peace, Happy New Year! DAP

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