Thursday, December 2, 2010

A solution for Holiday Giving

Hello Friends, are you regretting the upcoming holiday where you have to worry about what to give people you really don’t care for, like that pain-in-the-ass nephew of yours? Do you hate having to act surprised and happy about the lousy gift you just opened from your 2nd cousin-in-law? Do you see yourself saying, “Oh wow…thank you. These scented candles will come in handy when you stink up my bath room later!” Do you hate the idea of participating in an event that seems more about greed and over-consumption rather than providing for the grateful needy?

Well my friends, I have a solution for you this season. You can let everyone know that this year you plan to participate in the Holiday Season by donating to the Wolf-Fire Scholarship in order to help students who are working in Native American communities. These UB students have decided to dedicate their scholarly work in an area that needs the passion, eagerness, and devotion that these students bring.

This year we have five UB students (4 Native & 1 Non-Native) who all have applied for Wolf-Fire at the maximum $500. They are each very deserving students who plan to do great acts in our Indigenous communities.

Please consider informing your people that you plan to redirect your Holiday funds to the Wolf-Fire Scholarship, and doing so in their honor. Let them know they can do the same. Those gifts will be received by deserving, very grateful students. And best of all, other than being tax deductable, it gets you out of having to find a gift for those unappreciative little step-Grandchildren, who mistreat your beloved animals and refer to you by your first name.

Please see the link below to find the Wolf-Fire Scholarship page for information and on-line donations.

Peace, DAP

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